Public Council members held a regional roundtable regarding plans and achieved results of the police reform programme in Tajikistan

On October 31 a regional roundtable was held in Bokhtar on the basis of the joint activities of the Khatlon Region Ministry of Internal Affairs with the Public Council for Police Reform and the non-governmental organization “Fidokor”.

The event brought together all members of the Public Councils on Police Reform and representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs of the districts and cities of Khatlon region.
The roundtable was organized within the framework of the project “Assistance in the implementation of police reform in Tajikistan” with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Dushanbe.  The roundtable participants also had discussed regarding the difficulties in the work of the local police inspectors, and shared their views on the approved law “On Amnesty” in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of Tajikistan. 

Public Council members has offered support to the district police inspectors in promoting their role and importance in society. In particular, was recommended to conduct an information campaign to distribute printed materials such as stickers and posters with information about District Inspector with contact details for subsequent interaction of the population with the inspectors.

In the end the Public Council on Police Reform under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Khatlon Region collected feedback and suggestions from participants regarding further plans for cooperation and interaction for 2020. During the meeting members of the Public Councils and district police inspectors drawn up a number of proposals for the further consideration of the OSCE Program Office in Dushanbe concerning the future cooperation for the next 2020 year.